Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I am always the last one to jump on trends, or popular stuff lol
I didn't start reading or watching Harry Potter until the 6th movie was in the cinemas!
Twilight was the same, I read the first 2 books in 3 days so my friend had someone to go see the second film with.
I always used become a fan of a band after they'd split up, it's just how I am I guess!

The hunger games is no exception, everyone's been banging on for months about them and waiting anxiously for the movie release, I on the other hand only received the!

I'm actually afraid to start them as I think I'll get sucked in! I have so much to do and these will easily distract me!

Do you think I could finish all three in 10 days to keep up with my book a month plan lol

Kim xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Step forward...

So these past few weeks I've had to take a step back and re-evaluate things.
That included blogging, truth be told I was trying to make myself fit into a certain 'blog mould' and that's just not me, I love beauty and make up, but it's not something I feel the need to constantly talk about.
I put so much pressure on myself to 'fit' in that I burnt out, just as my other blog got take over by pressures to craft this one got taken over by pressure to include stuff I generally don't care about.

This is going to change, I'm taking all pressure off of myself, I no longer care why I'm not being invited to certain events and I am certainly never going to ignore my wonderful fiancĂ© so that I can blog!

I have quit my job, I hated it, and it was making my unhappy, i mean badly unhappy and i was earning pennies so it wasn't even rewarding me in that aspect.

This a complete turn of leaf for me, I am going to find my passions and be me, no more peer pressure allowed here!!

I'd love to know if others have felt this way, as I don't believe I am alone!

Much love
Kim xx

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