Friday, 18 May 2012

Real life

So last night it was time to sit Mr W down and talk about 'the grand life plan!'

We generally just roll through life taking what comes and wondering why we never get anywhere.

Truth be told, my dream life is glamorous, my real life...not so much!! Last night it was time to get real, I may never own some louboutins or carry a balenciaga but we will damn well own a property by the time I'm 30, I will not sacrifice that dream!

So our plan?

Next July we get married :D

Mr W wants a baby almost straight away, at the moment I'm thinking I would like to wait another year.

But once the wedding is done, we carry on putting the money that we were saving away, to save for a deposit.



So yeah, a simple plan, but it's nice to check in with each other on where we wanna go!

Is it bad that I now can't stop looking at cute houses lol

Love Kimberley xx





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