Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dreams change

So, I don't know if you guys know, but I'm engaged, have been for over 6 months, but have no wedding plans, well, we have plans, plans that are waaaaaaay out of our budget and totally ridic for one day but they were our plans.
My Fiancé said he'd do anything to make my wedding dream come true, only problem is, we haven't managed to pluck money out of thin air!!
So our wedding got put back another 6 months to try and save more.
Friends were saying to do it in the Seychelles (that's where they did it) its cheaper apparently, but, and don't judge me on this, I HATE sand!! Just hate it, the though of a wedding on the beach with my feet sinking as I said my vows ugh, it makes my tummy turn!
Our wedding had become so big (you MUST have a toastmaster-Mum) (The platinum package is the way to go-MIL) that we avoided it at all costs, actually avoided our own wedding planning because we got so overwhelmed any time we tried to plan anything.

Last night we were watching "Mamma Mia", (Pierce B singing totally makes me cringe btw!) and I saw it, my perfect wedding, the one I always wanted when I was little, outside with fairy lights and candles all cosy and cute. Obviously that dream got pushed aside when I grew up to realise we don't have sun in England!

But there it was, why didn't we think of it before, we LOVE the Mediterranean, absolutely adore it, even thought of moving there a few times, we could get married abroad SAND FREE!!!!!

So now I'm on a mission, need all the help I can get, track this place down.....
No, seriously, all this morning i have been emailing co-ordinators in Italy and Greece, trying to get the wedding rolling.

I am, finally, a happy bride 2 be :)

Kim xx

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