Wednesday, 4 January 2012


My space has always been important to me, I am an only child so I like my alone time, since my Fiancé has moved in its been very difficult to get some 'me space' considering its 'our' home none of it really belongs to each other.
Well have gone and claimed our office! It was my bedroom when I was a teenager so its always have that inviting and comfortable feel to me.
Gradually more of my stuff has been entering the room, and somehow THIS has happened:

Look at it!!

Its just awful :)

However, now that this is officially KIM space it will start looking prettier soon!!
I'm planning a complete revamp (yes I am crazy, attempting interior design whilst doing everything else!)
But lets face it, it needs doing!!
Aaaaaand its hardly an inspiring space so how am I meant to create beautiful things in such an ugly environment??!

Yep you mark my words this will be a beautiful and functioning space in no time......Will keep you all updated on progress!

kim xx

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