Saturday, 7 January 2012

Taking over the web!

Does anyone find themselves constantly checking different we accounts online??
I have TwitterFacebookPinterest and this blog, and I use them all, a lot!! It's like an addiction, especially now I have my Iphone with its super dooper 3G that put my poor old Blackberry to shame!!

Tomorrow is the beginning of project 'Kim's Studio' :) I have roped my lovely fiancé in to do all the heavy lifting!
I'm going to start with just a move around and see if it feels right, then I'll plan what little fixtures and fittings need to be added!!!

I'd love my studio to have such a calm feeling. And I love the organisation on the wall!

Soooo adorable, but too big for my space :(

How fab is this? So colourful and funky, yet functional, love it!!

All pics from Pinterest

Also tomorrow I'll be joining Wendy's Handmade Monday so pop back to see what I've created this week ;)

Kim xx

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