Saturday, 28 January 2012

How am I doing?

Ok so on my old blog I did a 26 before 26 post, I am now nearly 25 years and 4 months old and want to see how well I am doing with the list....

1. Photos shoot with fiancé Not yet, maybe a good birthday gift?
2. Learn to crochet Soo close!
3. Complete a patchwork quilt Got sidetracked by jewellery! 
4. Have a mediterranean garden Definitely getting there
5. Read a book a month Not even close!!
6. Knit an item of clothing Think I may have overstretched myself here!
7. Grow my hair Well it's definitely longer than it was
8. Become a make up artist Ooh yeah!
9. Get drunk on NYE! Mission accomplished!
10. Fill the massive photo frame that has been empty for a year! No, but it has been put up as inspiration!
11. Make decent cookies Still get in a doughy mess
12. Stay brunette the whole year Have gone red, oopsie!
13. Book wedding venue Hopefully soon
14. Talk to bestie every day Haven't managed this since we both got new jobs, but I don't feel we say any less!
15. Learn spanish :(
16. Take more photos Definitely :)
17. Wear every pair of shoes I own getting there
18. Do at least 100 blog posts this is the 28th
19. Be out of overdraft have a plan in place with help of the bank (actually very friendly people!)
20. Go ice skating Ooh forgot about that one!
21. Eat outside whenever possible Farrrr to cold recently!
22. Learn how to use my dslr Well, i now know what a macro setting is!
23. Own a piece of MAC make up! Still no :(
24. Get back under 8 stone Gone up actually, balls!
25. Get eyes tested! Definitely needs doing!
26. Cook at least 3 times a week Must try harder!!

All in all a bit poor considering I'm 1/3 of the way through!

Do you all keep track of your goals or just forget them until the year is up like I normally do!?

Kim xx


  1. Aww i love this post! Haha it gave me a good chuckle and reminded me that we're all only human and sometime life gets in the way :) I hope you do achieve some more of these goals, you have a wonderful list! :) xox

    1. Thank you! definitely getting there!

      Kim xx

  2. I think this is such a good idea. May start one myself!

    1. It certainly makes you think about what you could be achieving with your time :)

      Kim xx


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