Friday, 27 January 2012

In sickness and in bed

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been MIA recently..those who follow me on Twitter will know that I've been ill :(

Severe throat infection, yuck. Luckily I have a lovely fiancé so I have been bought soup and wheetabix whenever I desire!

I'm planning to do a few make up tutorials next week for my Youtube channel, when I stop sounding like I've been smoking 60 a day that is!
Any requests for any looks or trends please submit them as I love inspiration!

Def going to do a mineral make up tute, loads of people seem confused on that one :) but any others, whether it be colours, techniques, celeb looks etc I will do my best to achieve!

Kim xx

Ooh and a BIG HELLO to my new followers :) xx


  1. Sorry you haven't been well - hope you are on the mend now.

    Ali x

    (oh, I'm now on Twitter so following you there too - @AlisCraftStudio)

    1. Thank you, yes am finally on mend, still a bit sleepy but hey ho, have to go off and be a Make up artist in 4 hours so happy face is being practised!

      (am following you back :) ) x


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