Monday, 16 January 2012

Handmade monday

Gosh didn't last week go quick!!

Had to move my on line shop as I hated the customisation options, or lack of, shall I say, of my last host.

Thanks to the replies on craft forum I decided to move to Create, and I love it!!!
However now that I can customise absolutely everything I think it make take longer to get up and running!!

This week I've been thinking a lot about the direction to go in regarding my crafts, I would like a bit of advice if I may ask that of you?!
A lot of this would be specific to jewellery/clothes makers/designers but I'd like everyone's opinion if possible?

  • Do you design according to seasons I.e spring/summer, Autumn/winter like the fashion world does?
  • What about holidays, do you create a special collection for them, valentines, Christmas etc
  • Have you thought about collections, like to you have a premium range and a standard range, could entice more customers?
Thank you to everyone who replies :)

And for Wendy's Handmade Monday I have these to share...

I love these beads, have a few more of them so trying to come up with something else to use them on!!

Kim xx


  1. My main 'makes' are cards (although expanding my range at the moment) and I don't necessarily make ranges, but do make event targeted cards, such as the usual: Christmas, Easter, etc, etc. Regarding the premium and standard, I do make more expensive cards, but also a lot of inexpensive ones as often at events they are the ones that sell well. Good luck with our new direction planning. Your earrings are lovely - I like the pattern and colour of the beads. Hope you have a good week.

  2. This year Imam doing collections but mainly under themes, hope that makes sense along with specific events such as Valentines, Mother's Day etc. I think the general,public are more used to this type of buying so,if you can't beat them join them

  3. Making jewellery I tend to just make what I fancy with little regard for fashion or season. If you do decide to go down that route you will need to on the ball and check out the like of London Fashion week articles etc just so you can keep up with what top end designer are doing. Following high street trends just seemed to much when I just want to create what feels right at the time. I always try to have a few occasional pieces for Christmas or Valentines etc, but I don't put too much effort into this as lets be honest, it is a day or two at best.

    You will find your market and style soon enough! Just be honest with yourself and your creativity!

  4. I think whatever you make you can't avoid creating with some of the main events of the calendar in mind. I find it difficult to design just for the season (summer/winter), but even so there's definite seasonal trends in my sales. Kat is right, you'll find your style and market if you are honest with yourself & your creativity.

  5. I don't make jewellery but I think its nice to have matching pieces. Times like Christmas, Easter and Valentines will always create demand so its probably worth having a selection that is themed for those times too. Good luck with the website, i'm building with Mrsite at the moment but Create has a lot of good reviews. x

  6. I think its probably a good idea to design for things like valentines, Christmas, Easter - hopefully I can do that a bit more this year. I always seem to be at the tail end of things - like I think about it and its too early and then there's a mad rush as the time has ran away! Be more organised than me - that's my advice! Mich x

  7. What totally super earrings... they look amazing :)

  8. Lovely earrings - I love the colour.

    Not surprised you are liking Create for your website building - I moved two years ago and haven't looked back!

    I don't work to seasons (other than having seasonal designs available) as people buy window decorations all year around and I don't have the same rush for Valentines or Mother's Day. I do have Easter, Halloween and, of course, Christmas designs but these are available to buy at any time of the year.

    Ali x

  9. I don't make things to sell, and I just make what I feel like (since it doesn't matter--it's all just to make myself happy!) so my opinion won't amount to a hill of beans. But as a customer, I do tend to look seasonally, so for at least the big holidays I think you would want to offer things. I know I always am drawn to something that is different too. It always seems that everything for one year is basically the same thing with maybe a small difference. I don't know if that advice helps (and maybe most people all just want to be the same, I may be weird!)
    Oh, and those beads are very sweet!

  10. I make jewellery, but I have only been selling it for a couple of years. I don't directly respond to fashion, but no doubt I am influenced by it. I don't make for a season but I do move things around on my website, or re-write descriptions to reflect the season.

  11. I love the earrings, the beads are lovely (although I don't wear earrings) The colour is great.
    I have jewellery that I wear in the summer that I don't wear any other time so I think jewellery does have a seasonal theme. I like colours and will buy to match or compliment an outfit so I think fashion, style and the high street does influence what jewellery is popular. When buying for others as a gift I tend to stick to classic styles.

    Jan x

  12. Wow these earrings look so beautiful xx


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